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Brighter Days Ahead

OAQDA is dedicated to serving the people of Ohio, ensuring continued economic growth and cleaner air for the future.

As Ohio emerges from the pandemic, OAQDA remains committed to helping businesses in the state rebound. While 2020 was a year of transition and process improvement, in 2021, OAQDA is focused on reaching more Ohio businesses with its message and programs.

The agency marks its 50th anniversary in 2021 and will recognize this important milestone throughout the year by sharing stories of its impact. Not only will OAQDA continue to work to raise awareness for its valuable programs, the staff and Authority members are deeply committed to being strong partners to local communities, ensuring air quality and subsequent health benefits remain top of mind for Ohio businesses.

In addition, OAQDA looks forward to implementing new initiatives in 2021 to better support companies seeking to enhance their pollution mitigation efforts, including offering innovative financing and capital market tools. New partnerships with national and regional stakeholders will enhance support for Ohio businesses along with the use of capital market tools that can attract investors and recognition. Through the revitalized efforts of CAIP, OAQDA is engaging a broader set of industry sectors to participate and works to attain results that are measurable and accountable. These new investments are supporting more projects, such as solar, recycling and other clean air strategies in the coming year.

Ohio is ripe with economic opportunities. The business and community leaders who work with OAQDA recognize that establishing clean air and sustainability goals are good for the environment, business and people.