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Reenergizing the Clean Air Resource Center

OAQDA is committed to serving the economic and environmental needs of Ohio small businesses as they work to adhere to federal environmental regulations and strive to achieve greater sustainability goals that protect the air. For the past 25 years, the Authority has been working to make clean air compliance easily accessible and affordable by serving as the small business ombudsman –advocating and providing financial assistance.

In 2020, OAQDA sought feedback from stakeholders and customers and made improvements to the small business assistance program of the Clean Air Resource Center (CARC) based upon the input received through a public comment period. OAQDA has seen significant demand for the program in recent years and the changes enabled the Authority to make resources available to support more small businesses throughout the state as they navigate environmental regulations and make environmentally friendly upgrades to buildings and equipment. The OAQDA team worked diligently to implement the feedback, streamlining processes and updating the guidelines for CARC.

Financing packages are structured to suit the needs of individual projects, which are incentivized with tax benefits using conduit bonds issued by OAQDA as well as grants to help small businesses cover a portion of the principal amount up to 20 percent, or maximum of $20,000, of the total project cost. This includes:

• Tax exemption, namely from sales and use tax that may apply when purchasing the equipment
• Reimbursement of fees associated with OAQDA’s bond financing
• A one-time principal payment to offset a portion of the loan incurred for the upfront costs on the project

Small businesses interested in CARC are encouraged to visit the small business assistance page or call (614) 466-6825.