Clean Air Improvement Program: Supporting Air Quality Investments in Ohio


The Clean Air Improvement Program (CAIP) is OAQDA’s resource for businesses looking to improve air quality. We help businesses of all sizes every day by providing financial tools through our bond financing, allowing them to make investments in cleaner, more efficient technologies such as pollution control, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Through these projects, we support cleaner air for employees, customers, and communities, along with bottom-line savings that help Ohio businesses sustain their operations and meet their sustainability goals.

Financial Benefits
  Todd Voelkerding, CFO, Urban Sites  


Through the financial benefits of OAQDA-issued bonds, projects see enhanced viability and increased cash flow. Additionally, projects applying to CAIP may also be eligible for the Green Bond designation, which may bring additional investment to your project from the investment community.

CAIP participants may work with lenders of their choice or may access the open market for the purchase of the bonds for eligible projects. Financial terms and credit worthiness are determined by the lender or underwriter.

Through the financial benefits of OAQDA-issued bonds, projects see enhanced viability and increased cash flow. OAQDA bond financing provides a 100 percent exemption from the following taxes:

  • Sales and use tax
  • Real property tax
  • Interest income on bonds and notes issued by OAQDA
Eligibility and Process

More energy efficient technologies, equipment, and practices that achieve a 15% energy savings above current state energy standards.

Significant renovation or new construction of an entire building that delivers air quality benefits and minimum 50% energy savings through the design, construction, commissioning and operation that encompasses interconnected energy-efficient equipment and measures, onsite clean energy generation and air quality improvements.

Energy generation from natural, replenishable resources.

Property or equipment related to the recharging or refueling of vehicles that enables a reduction of air pollution by alternative fuel or renewable energy sources.

Control, capture, reuse, mitigation or prevention of air contaminants regulated by US EPA, harmful to human health or can provide environmental benefits to communities.

If you’re not sure if your project qualifies, contact OAQDA at (614) 466-6825 or

All project requests are reviewed thoroughly by OAQDA to verify the expected performance of the project to improve air quality. This process involves financial, technical, and project impact review. For more information, read the CAIP program guidelines.

OAQDA Financing Matrix

The first step in the process is generally reaching out to OAQDA to discuss your project. Our staff is available to discuss eligibility, steps to take, and how CAIP can work for your project. Click here to apply.

Contact Information

If you’re interested in applying for financing, please contact:

        Brooke Grant, Manager of Planning & Projects
        (614) 466-6825