Following the thoughtful leadership and guidance of Governor Mike DeWine, our team has been working remotely to ensure we are doing our part to protect our employees, partners and community.

As health orders are lifted and based on state guidance, the Authority expects to return to the office fully and physically by October 1, 2021. Until then, the team will continue to provide the same great level of service remotely as we begin transitioning back to the office in the coming months.

Further, as of July 1, 2021, all regular board meetings of the Authority Members will be conducted in-person in accordance with state law. For information on past and upcoming meetings, please visit https://ohioairquality.ohio.gov/Who-We-Are/Monthly-Meetings.  

Updates will continue to be posted at www.ohioairquality.org. If you are interested in meeting with our team or have questions about our work, please contact us at info@aqda.state.oh.us or call (614) 224-3383.